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Anatolian Shepherd




A dog has the soul of a philosopher.
- Plato

Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppy

Kus Sakarsi Gunther

Anatolian Shepherd Dog adult
Kus Sakarsi Gunther

An ancient livestock guardian, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog has been found throughout the Anatolian Plateau of Turkey for hundreds of years. In spite of his name, this dog does not so much herd his flock as he patrols around it.  

With acute hearing, exceptional eyesight, and the strength to take down wolves, horses, and even lions, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a superb guardian of his flock.

A large, powerful, dog the Anatolian can stand up to 32 inches at the shoulder and weigh 150 pounds. His weatherproof coat may be any length from short and smooth to long and rough. It comes in white and black, fawn, brindle, or tri-colour. Used to travelling great distances with his charges, the adult Anatolian Shepherd is hardy, brave, and can exist on very little food.

The Anatolian Shepherd is always alert and watchful. Anything out of the ordinary, no matter how trivial, is viewed with suspicion and investigated.  Fiercely loyal and possessive of his family and territory, the Anatolian Shepherd does not make friends with strangers easily. It has been said that he prefers a formal introduction as he does not like to be touched by strangers. Bold, confident, and intelligent, the Anatolian Shepherd learns easily and has a good memory. He is used to assessing a situation and exercising independent judgment and action with little or no human direction.

 The Anatolian Shepherd is not aggressive and in fact exhibits a low prey drive. His guarding behaviour is one of control rather than attack which would always be a very last resort. An Anatolian will bark a warning and then step in the path of a stranger keeping him rooted to the spot. Anatolians can live indoors happily but also live outside equally well.


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Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Club of America Inc.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International, Inc.

Livestock Guardian Dogs Association


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Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Lara Forchuk, Foxhat Farm



Lara Forchuk
Box 606
Warren, MB   R0C 3E0
(204) 383-5458

Foxhat Farm



Liz and Nigel Jenkins
4900 Regional Road 23
Uxbridge, ON  L9P 1R4
(905) 852-1400

Kirako Anatolians


National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network



Did you know?


The Anatolian Shepherd
 first migrated into 
about 1,000 years ago 
but dogs like him
had been living in
 for 6,000 years!


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