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Australian Shepherd


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
- Roger Caras

Australian Shepherd puppy


Australian Shepherd

Originally from the Basque regions of Spain and Andorra, this dog followed his masters first to Australia and then America. 

He was developed to herd sheep on Australian ranches but will herd all types of livestock effectively.

The Australian Shepherd is an attractive long-haired breed with a bobtail. The coat comes in black, red, blue merle or red merle with white and/or tan markings. 

Each dog's coat and eye color are highly variable. A dog may have one blue eye or one that is half blue and half brown.  The Australian Shepherd is approximately 23 inches tall at the shoulder.

Not only is the Australian Shepherd an effective herding and sheep guarding dog, his great stamina has also been used in search and rescue.  He is a dependable, tireless worker who is devoted to his owner, though reserved toward strangers. A loyal, attentive and animated dog, the Australian Shepherd is a wonderful family pet.

The Australian Shepherd does best in a rural or semi-rural environment where he has lots of outdoor activities into which to channel his energy. He is very active so daily exercise is mandatory for him to keep in shape.  An intelligent and responsive dog, obedience training comes easy to him.


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Clubs and Organizations
The Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association

The Australian Shepherd Club of BC

Alberta Stockdog Association
The Australian Shepherd Club of Alberta

The Australian Shepherd Fanciers of Alberta

The Working Australian Shepherd Club of Alberta

Prairie Australian Shepherd Enthusiasts

The Australian Shepherd Club of Ontario

Thunder Bay Australian Shepherd Club of Ontario

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Maple Leaf Breeders

Maple Leaf

CKC Australian Shepherd Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Valerie Yates, Ninebark Aussies




Jacqueline Beckett
7229 Cavan Rd, Box 822
Bewdley, ON   K0L 1E0
(905) 342-5598

Nowagga Reg'd

Anna Hewson
6178 10th Line, RR#2
Thornton, ON    L0L 2N2
(705) 458-9214


Sue Meulemeester
113 McDowell Road East
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 4J9
(519) 582-0613


Valerie Yates
109 Canaan Road
Renfrew, ON   K7V 3Z4
(613) 432-5087

Australian Shepherd
Ninebark Aussies

Nova Scotia


Angela Slauenwhite and Collin Veinot
West Northfield, NS  
(902) 527-1683


Barbara Williams
40 Guy Street
Dartmouth, NS   B3A 2P6
(902) 466-6738

Alibar Reg'd



Australian Shepherd Rescue in Canada



Did you know?

The word for 'dog' 
in the Australian aboriginal language Mbabaran also
happens to be 'dog'!


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