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Beagle puppies

Ch BBPIS OSheehans Hellfire n Brimstone

Beagle adult
Ch BPIS  Briarlane Picante OSheehan

The Beagle is a descendent of dogs who came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. The Beagle is a hunting dog - his quarry: the rabbit and hare. Classified as a scenthound, the Beagle has an exceptional nose and uses it very efficiently to track his prey. 

Humourist Dave Barry once described Beagles as "noses with four feet attached". Once his quarry's trail is located, the Beagle gives a distinctive howl to alert the rest of the pack. Gentle in expression and nature, Beagles also shine as therapy dogs.

"Beag" is the Celtic word for small. The Beagle today stands no more than 15 inches tall at the shoulder. He has a short, dense, weather-resistant coat that can be white, black, red, tan, lemon, or any mixture of these colours. A Beagle's diet must be carefully monitored (they will eat anything) to fight a tendency to obesity.

Arguably the most famous dog in the world, Snoopy, is the poster dog for Beagles. His intelligence, humour, and that unmistakable "ARROOOOO" define the Beagle personality. Compact, clean, and cuddly, the Beagle is a fun-loving and amusing pet. He is active, inquisitive and friendly. He gets along well with other dogs and is extremely fond of children. This is the dog to keep up with active kids! Bred to work in packs, the Beagle loves company and should not be left alone for long periods of time. Boredom can turn your Beagle into a nuisance barker. The Beagle also makes a good watchdog as he will alert his owners to any unfamiliar faces.

Intelligent and eager, the Beagle takes well to obedience training. Although the Beagle is an inside dog, he needs lots of outside activity. A tendency to 'follow his nose' can be curbed by ensuring he has a fenced yard in which to romp and play. He should always be leashed when out on a walk. Be aware that Beagles are natural diggers, especially when they are young. 



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Beagles Canada

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Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Trisha Sheehan, OSheehan's Perm Reg'd
British Columbia


British Columbia


Andrew doCouto & Janie Timothy
379 Armour Place
Kamloops, BC  V2H 1L2
(250) 578-0145

Winston Beagles

Tammy Hickling
Edwards Road
Baynes Lake, BC  V0B 1J0
(250) 529-7422

South Country Farm

Estelle Laponder
Box 535
Armstrong, BC  V0E 1B0
(250) 379-2207

Laponderosa Kennels

Trisha Sheehan
4069 Altamont Avenue
Victoria, BC   V8Z 6Z7
(250) 727-6637

OSheehan's Perm Reg'd




Veronique Giroux
801 County Road 2
Curran, ON
(613) 673-2898



Beagle Club of British Columbia
Beth Caskey
(250) 746- 7091

Beagle Paws
Canada Wide
(709) 738-7297



Did you know?

The naturalist 
Charles Darwin sailed around the world in the 
HMS Beagle,
a Royal Navy brig
named after a dog!


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