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Border Collie


If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
- Unknown

Border Collie puppy

Foxhat Spot

Border Collie adult
Foxhat Maximum

Border Collies are reputed to be the most intelligent dogs. They have long been an able and hard-working assistant to man. Their eyes have a hypnotic quality that seem to control almost any kind of livestock. 

Developed in Britain, the working Border Collie is the finest sheep-herding dog in the world, but Border Collies have been used to herd almost anything including cattle, goats, geese, chickens, and ducks. 

Border Collies range in height from 18 to 22 inches high at the shoulder but may be taller. They have a short or medium-length coat that is most commonly black and white. However, the Border Collie coat may be many colours including any solid colour (except white), bi-colour, tri-colour, merle or sable. This dog is bred for his unsurpassed working ability and therefore appearance is less important to this breed than others. The Border Collie's coat is thick, water-repellent, and may be wavy or straight.

The Border Collie's mission in life is work, and his natural abilities as a herder can't be beat. Quick, agile, and highly intelligent, a Border Collie is happiest when he has something to do. He is a working dog with great natural stamina. This breed is extremely active and has a very high energy level. If he is bored, this dog will create work for himself. That may include herding whatever is around - your cats, cars, or your children!

This dog thrives on work and games and is eager to please. As an extremely fast learner, obedience training, flyball, and agility events are very popular with Border Collies. As these dogs require almost constant physical and mental activity, they are not the dog for a couch potato or absentee owner. They are best in a rural environment.


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Canadian Border Collie Association 

Ontario Border Collie Club

Ottawa Valley Border Collie Club
BC Stock Dog Association

Alberta Stock Dog Association

Saskatchewan Stock Dog Association

Upper Canada Stock Dog Association

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Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Lara Forchuk, Foxhat Farm


British Columbia


David A. Murdoch
1517 224th Street
Langley, BC  V2Z 1L3
(604) 514-3420

Keam Farm





Lindsay Powell
PO Box 6127
High River, AB   T1V 1P7
(403) 422-0181

Hangin Arch

Dr. Wendy Schmaltz
Box 56 
Beiseker, AB  T0M 0G0
(403) 935-4543

Aspatria Kennels

Lisa Wright
Box 819
Athabasca, AB   T9S 2A7
(780) 689-1978

Landing Trail Stock Dogs





Lara Forchuk
Box 606
Warren, MB   R0C 3E0
(204) 383-5458

Foxhat Farm




Heidi Beckett
18975 Brock Road
Sunderland, ON   L0C 1H0
(905) 960-6522

Southview Borders

Sandy Briggs
Wimberway Kennels and Farm
Powassan, ON   P0H 1Z0
(705) 724-2676

Wimberway Kennels

Alice Guthrie
Hagersville, ON  N0A 1H0
(905) 768-5587


Cat Laxton
Marley Hill Farm, RR # 1
Auburn, ON   NOM 1E0
( 519) 523- 9663

Marley Border Collies




Border Collie Friends Rescue

Southern Ontario Border Collie Rescue

Luan Egan
(416) 410-7573

Border Collie Rescue Ontario 
Cindy Boht
(416) 536-2910   
Sharon Fong
(905) 839-1751 

Border Collie and Rough Collie Rescue
Janet Arthur
(519) 922-2555

Sally Hull, Executive Director
Hullís Haven Border Collie Rescue
Winnipeg, MB



Did you know?

The sheep herding dogs featured in the children's movie, "Babe," 
were Border Collies. 


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