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Extraordinary creature! So close a friend, and yet so remote.
- Thomas Mann

Borzoi puppy

Summerlane Elance Glasswing

Borzoi adult
MBISS Am/GCh/Cdn Ch Konza-Plum Creek Bugatti at Elance

The Borzoi is a noble breed with a long history.  A descendant of the ancient Persian Greyhound, the breed originated in Russia and was used to hunt wolf, fox and hare.  

They were associated with the Russian aristocracy and were also favourites of the English nobility. 

The Borzoi was once called the Russian Wolfhound. In addition to the show ring, today's Borzoi can be found competing in lure coursing events, obedience, agility, and flyball.

This is not a breed that will fit into every household. Borzoi are considered a giant breed and stand up to 31 inches tall at the shoulder. Even though they are large dogs, they are graceful animals, and with proper training make excellent house dogs. 

They have a long silky coat, usually white that is marked in lemon, tan, grey, brindle, or black.

Borzoi are intelligent, independent, and can be stubborn.  Aloof with strangers, they are devoted to their families.  When raised with children, most Borzoi are good companions, but they are not a breed that will tolerate a child's rough-housing. Borzoi are sight hounds, bred to chase and catch game by sight; any small animal that runs may trigger this response. Bear this in mind if there are other pets in the house - especially cats.

Basic obedience training and socialization are recommended.  Patience and consistency are the keys to training. Borzoi mature slowly, so the destructive tendencies of puppyhood are there for a long time in a very large dog.  Boredom often leads to destructive behaviour.  Attention and exercise can help; however, if the dog is to be left alone for long periods of time, you should consider having an outdoor run built or providing a crate inside. Borzoi require regular exercise. To see a Borzoi running is to watch poetry in motion. However, it is NEVER advisable to allow a Borzoi to run loose.


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 Borzoi Canada

Canadian Sighthound Field Association

Canadian Amateur Racing Association (C.A.R.A.)

Alberta Lure Coursing Association

Ontario Lure Coursing Association
Ontario Racing Association

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CKC Borzoi Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Cherie Hunchak, Elance Reg'd





Cherie Hunchak
#325 Executive Estates
52319 Rge Road 231
Sherwood Park, AB  T8B 1A8
(780) 416-3648

Elance Reg'd

Lexy Kovacs
Box 9, Site 5, RR#1
Airdrie, AB  T4B 2A3
(403) 473-5399




Brad and Dorothy Magnus
Box 621 
Luseland, SK  S0L2A0 
(306) 372-4575  
Cell: (306) 372-7835
Prairietrail Reg'd



Margery E. Armstrong
3832 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough, ON   M1C 1J1
(416) 281-0235

Rokaro Kennel Reg'd

Michèle Fink
10769 Hulbert Road
Brinston, ON   K0E 1C0
(613) 989-5630


Steve Pedro and Paul Allard
2678 County Road 31
Winchester, ON  K0C 2K0
(613) 774-5767

The Hounds of Freckashpeng Reg'd




Borzoi Club of Ontario
Judith McAnanama
- (905) 765-4909
Lisa Miceli
- (905) 722-5010



Did you know?

In Russia the Borzoi 
is called 
Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya. 
The last word in the name, Borzaya, is an adjective used to describe the speed of a horse. 

Its meaning is fleet or swift.



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