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Brittany Spaniel



Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job.
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Brittany Spaniel

Ch Ruffwood's Own Agenda

Brittany Spaniel adult
Ch Ruffwood's Own Agenda

he Brittany Spaniel has been appearing in French and Dutch paintings and tapestries since the 1600s. Spaniels are originally from Spain, hence the name. 

However, Brittany Spaniels were developed in the province of Brittany, France by crossing native spaniels with the English Setter. 

The Brittany is the smallest of the gun dogs. He has been a hunting companion, pointing and retrieving feathered game alongside the Breton peasants since the 1800s.

The Brittany Spaniel is a compact dog that stands about 20 1/2 inches tall. His short, dense coat is white with orange markings or white with liver markings. He has much less feathering than the other spaniels and therefore requires less grooming. The Brittany is born without a tail or has his tail docked to about four inches to prevent injury in the field.

The Brittany Spaniel is quick, agile, strong, and energetic. He makes an excellent companion for the sports-minded hunter. He is an affectionate, friendly, loyal, good-tempered animal. Although the Brittany generally becomes a one-person dog, he will happily live in a household as a family pet. He is a good watch dog and interacts well with children and other household pets.

A highly intelligent dog, he will benefit from a trainer that uses a firm but soft hand. This is an active sporting dog! His owner should desire an athletic, high-energy animal. Plenty of good romping room and long runs will curb any restlessness.


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The Brittany Spaniel Club of Canada 

Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario
Vancouver Island Pointing Dog Club



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CKC Brittany Spaniel Breed Standard

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Mike and Donna Wilshire, Ruffwood Perm Reg'd


British Columbia 


Carl Meadows
12638 Garibaldi St., RR#4
Maple Ridge, BC  V2W 1N3
(604) 462-8886

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Nancy Bingham
Bow Island, AB

Fieldfun Reg'd

Lori Haldorson
529 Spring Haven Court
Airdrie, AB  T4A 1C5
(403) 948-1919

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Danielle Greanya
Site 502, Box 29, RR#5
Saskatoon, SK   S7K 3J8
(306) 931-2026


Dale Neuman
Box 802 Station Main
Regina, SK    S4P 3A8
(306) 550-8822






Mary Lou and K. Fitch
55887 Chute Line
Vienna, ON N0J 1Z0
(519) 874-4896

Downwind Reg'd

Shelley Grant
6097 Cobble Hills Road
St Marys, ON  N4X 1C7
(519) 461-9663


Ataboy Perm Reg'd

Mike and Donna Wilshire
Cayuga, ON  N0A 1E0
(905) 772-7230

Ruffwood Perm Reg'd


Nova Scotia


David S. Thorne
3693 Granville Road
Port Royal, NS  B0S 1K0
(902) 532-2257

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New Brunswick 


Maureen Gladstone
206 Adair Road
Waterford, NB  E4E 4W2
(506) 433-6601

Station One Reg'd


Brittany Rescue
Lori Haldorson

Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario Rescue

Brittany Rescue in Canada




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