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"May I always be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"


Bull Terrier




I donít think he has any idea heís a dog, not really. Of course, he thinks he has a rather odd figure for a man.
- Dodie Smith and Lewis Allen

Bull Terrier puppy


Bull Terrier adult
 Can/Am Ch Zircons Thunder Struck CGN

Once bred for the now-illegal sports of bull-baiting and dog-fighting, the Bull Terrier was also used to control vermin. 

Known in Britain for his courage and tenacity, he was developed in the early 1800s by crossing the English Bulldog and the White English Terrier, and was once known as the Bull and Terrier. 

Today, the "white cavalier" is often used as an effective watch and guard dog. 

Possessing a uniquely-shaped face, the Bull Terrier is strong and agile, and stands up to 22 inches at the shoulder. His coat is short, smooth and may be solid white, brindle, tri-coloured, white with coloured markings, or coloured with white markings. The Bull Terrier is susceptible to skin reactions and should have his diet closely monitored.

The Bull Terrier is an outgoing animal with a fearless, determined personality. Since he has a dominant nature, he may not be the dog for the inexperienced dog owner. He needs firm discipline. In addition, he may be aggressive towards other dogs. Small animals such as cats may be seen as prey. Nevertheless, a properly trained, socialized, and supervised Bull Terrier is a friendly and amusing family pet who tolerates children very well.

As with most terriers, he will not back down from a confrontation. He has a high pain tolerance and is a tenacious fighter, and so must be placed in early training. Patience is the key to training as this dog possesses an independent, willful, and stubborn nature! The Bull Terrier requires exercise as he is exuberant and energetic. Because of his personality, he should always be leashed when in public. He does best with a fenced backyard and plenty of opportunity to be active. 


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Clubs and Organizations

The Bull Terrier Club of Canada 

Bull Terrier Fanciers Association
Carol Gray & Gord Williams
3328 Dustan Street
Vineland, ON
  L0R 2E0

Pit Bulls for Life

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Maple Leaf Breeders

Maple Leaf

CKC Bull Terrier Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Cindy and Kevin Mowez, Zircon Kennels


British Columbia


KEM Bull Terriers
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KEM Bull Terriers Perm Reg'd





Cindy and Kevin Mowez
Box 1152
Onoway, AB   T0E 1V0

(780) 800-1397

*Puppies due Feb 19, 2015*

Bull Terrier
Zircon Kennels




Carol Gray
3328 Dustan Street  
Vineland, ON     
L0R 2E0
(905) 562-1555

Thunderally Bull Terriers

Catherine Landsborough
Seaforth, ON  N0K 1W0
(519) 233-3194

Breton Reg'd



Bull Terrier Fanciers Association
Carol Gray & Gord Williams

(905) 562-1555  




Did you know?

The 1955 movie 
"It's a Dog's Life"
tells the life story of a 
Bull Terrier in the early 1900s, from living on the streets to becoming a pedigreed show dog among the upper crust. 


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