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A dog will look at you as if to say, “What do you want me to do for you? I’ll do anything for you.”
- Roy Blount Jr.

Bulldog puppy


Bulldog adult
BullHundes' Gigabytes

Considered a symbol of England itself, the Bulldog was originally bred for the now-illegal sports of bull-baiting and pit-fighting. 

Courageous and tenacious, he has been used to fight bulls, bears, badgers, and other dogs. 

The Bulldog is of ancient stock. It is believed he was brought to England by Phoenician traders in the 6th century BC. The Bulldog's thick-set, low-slung body was developed to minimize his chances of injury when taking on a bull.

The Bulldog is compact and powerful and stands up to 14 inches at the shoulder. His coat is short, smooth and sleek, and comes in white, red, brindle, or piebald. The Bulldog is susceptible to extremes of temperature and should be protected from excessive heat and cold.

The very picture of dignity, the Bulldog is a placid, docile, even-tempered animal with a low activity level who is ideally suited to the elderly or "couch potato" families. A lovable, undemanding, good-natured companion, the Bulldog loves his family and is excellent with children. He may not be the best dog for obedience trials as he has a stubborn streak!

If you can't live with snuffling, snorting, and even snoring, this isn't the dog for you.  The Bulldog's famous face makes him prone to these kinds of noises!  His owners should keep an eye on his waistline, too. A carefully balanced diet and some exercise will  prevent a tendency to obesity. 


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Clubs and Organizations


Bulldog Club of British Columbia


Bulldog Club of Central Canada


Canadian Bulldoggers Association

Box 232, Ymir, BC,  V0G 2K0

Edmonton English Bulldog Meetup Group

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Maple Leaf Breeders

Maple Leaf

CKC Bulldog Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Julie Spooner, Homestead BullHunde
British Columbia


British Columbia


Suzanne Lazarakis 
Langley, BC  V2Z 1T7 
(604) 530-8020  

Ringrock Bulldogs

Colleen Lister
6740 Spur Road
Savona, BC   V0K 2J0
(250) 373-2303


Susan and Graham Marshall
6676 Rhodonite Drive
Sooke, BC  V0S 1N0
(250) 642-1726

Nightmist Reg'd

Julie Spooner
Ymir, BC  V0G 2K0
(250) 357-9426

Homestead BullHunde




Brenda Esteves
12 21324 Hwy 14
Sherwood Park,  AB  T8G 1G1
(780) 699-7244 


Kandie Kroonen 
Box 27 Site 471 RR#4 
Sherwood Park, AB  T8A 3K4
(780) 467-1971  

Iroc Bulldogs




Susan Allen
55 Deblaquire Street
Port Hope, ON   L1A 4K7
(905) 885 8992


Kimberley Sauder
General Delivery
Conn, ON  N0G 1N0
(519) 323-9320



Nova Scotia 


Jodi Goudey-Vienneau
Annapolis Valley, NS  
(902) 363-2049 

Eyecandy Bulldogs



English Bulldog Rescue
Susan Dibbley
236 Robson Road
Leamington, ON  N8H 3V4

Confederation Bulldog Club
(English/French Bulldog Rescue)
Gail Neilson
(905) 868-9940

Bulldog Club of Central Canada
Mary Coles
c/o Kilnridge Farm, RR#2
Hillsburgh, ON  N0B 1Z0
(519) 833-9757

Cascade Bulldog Rescue



Did you know?

2006 was the Chinese 
Year of the Dog. 
People born in this year are honest, faithful, and sincere, and are intelligent, caring, 
and good listeners. 
They enjoy helping people, and have a profound sense of duty.



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