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I had rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world.
- Samuel Johnson

Bullmastiff puppy

AllyRae's The Phoenix on Fire

Bullmastiff adult
Pleasant Valley's Canadian Princess Nala

Developed in England in the late nineteenth century, the Bullmastiff is a cross between the Mastiff and the Bulldog.  

Bred to warn the gamekeeper of poachers who would rather kill than face the death penalty for poaching, the Bullmastiff can attack and hold a poacher without harming him.  

This dog is a natural guardian and will not back down from a fight. He has been used as a police, guard, and army dog.

The Bullmastiff shows great strength, endurance and alertness.  He combines power, speed, and a keen sense of smell with courage and aggression.  His temperament is affectionate towards his owner.  He is a very gentle, calm, and devoted companion but also a fearless guardian.

The Bullmastiff is a compact and powerful dog standing 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder and weighing up to 130 lbs. Grooming is minimal as the coat is short. The Bullmastiff has a black face mask and the coat may be red, fawn, or brindle. The most common colour is now fawn although gamekeepers once preferred brindle as the dog became almost invisible at night. Attacking silently and on command, the Bullmastiff could take down a poacher before he could even reach for his gun.

Although the Bullmastiff is not a high-energy dog, he should have lots of exercise and a balanced diet to prevent a tendency to obesity. Bullmastiffs need a strong, confident master. Training should begin early. Bullmastiffs are intelligent, obedient dogs who make superb guard and watchdogs.


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Bullmastiff Fanciers of Canada


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Maple Leaf Breeders

Maple Leaf

CKC Bullmastiff Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Renee Pollon, AllyRae Bullmastiffs & Boarding




Dan and Cajsa Goetz
Box 1095
Glenwood, AB  T0K 2R0
(403) 626-3101

Dämmerung Reg'd

Renee S. King
Box 101
Drumheller, AB  T0J 0Y0
(403) 677-2485


Renee Pollon
241 Hollands Drive 52450 rr 222
Ardrossan, AB  T8E 2G3
(780) 668-0045

AllyRae Bullmastiffs & Boarding

Duran Roberts
Airdrie, AB  
(403) 561-6672

Royal Island

Amanda Schafer
PO Box 405
Blackfalds, AB  T0M 0J0
(403) 885-1812 or 
(587) 877-6714

*Member of CKC, Bullmastiff Fanciers of Canada*

Mordawn Bullmastiffs

Leanne Zukowski
RR #1
Blackfalds, AB    T0M 0J0
(403) 352-2409





Ghislaine Laferrière
2522 10 eme Rang
Quebec  J0E 1M0
(450) 295-2682

Aïkirocka enr

MJ Paquette and Danny Delisle
Montreal, QC   J7V 9E8
(450) 424-1462

Centurion Bullmastiffs

Sylvie Raymond
3525 4Rg
Calixte, QJ0K 1Z0
450) 222-5332


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Bullmastiff Rescue of Canada

Harold & Janet Hamm (902) 765-8483
Sharon Strong (902) 660-2383

QC - Josee Perrin (450) 477-2696

Amy Lewis (416) 951-1322

Cheryl Randolph (250) 642-7667

Anne Pogontsis (647) 999-9433


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According to tests 
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Institute for the Study of Animal Problems in Washington D.C., 
dogs and cats, like people, are either right-handed or left-handed; 
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