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"May I always be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"


Cane Corso



The rich man’s guardian 
and the poor man’s friend,
The only creature faithful to the end.
- George Crabbe

Cane Corso puppy

Bocaia Corso of Bajer

Cane Corso adult
BISS Can Gr Ch PrideNJoyz Bank Heist EH, CGN, HIC

The noble Cane Corso's predecessors were big game hunters that showed power, courage, and agility, and later proved their skills as drovers and guardians of livestock, property, and family on Italian farms. Ancestors of the Cane Corso (pronounced Cawnie Corso) were used in war and fighting in the circuses of the Roman Empire.

The Cane Corso stands up to 26.5 inches tall at the shoulders and may weigh as much as 110 pounds.  The ears may or may not be cropped, but the tail is docked.  The short, dense, harsh coat requires minimal weekly grooming.  The coat may be black, blue, fawn, or stag-red, with or without brindle markings.  White may appear on the chin, chest, and the front of the toes.

The modern Cane Corso is a stable, generally relaxed but protective dog with a strong sense of territory and purpose. He is loyal and submissive to his family, but suspicious and aloof with strangers.  The Cane Corso today is an excellent interpreter of human gestures and reacts only when necessary.

Early socialization and training are critical as this dog can be highly dominant toward people and other dogs, Fortunately, the Cane Corso is very intelligent and trainable. When properly socialized, the Cane Corso is gentle and protective with children.  The Cane Corso craves regular affection, attention and interaction with his family. The International Cane Corso Federation does not recommend the Cane Corso for first-time dog owners; those who have had experience raising and training dominant dogs are best suited for this breed.


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Photos displayed above courtesy of:
J. Moryski, Avitus Cane Corso



J. Moryski
Central Alberta

Avitus Cane Corso


Nova Scotia


Paul Whitman
South Rawdon, NS   
(902) 757-0443

Cane Corso Del Ecousse



Cane Corso Rescue





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Dogs, like humans, experience two kinds of sleep: Rapid Eye Movement (REM), and Slow Wave (SW).

REM sleep is when dreaming occurs. While adult dogs spend up to 12% of their sleep time in REM, puppies spend more so that their developing brains can process all those new sights, sounds, and smells they experience every day.



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