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"May I always be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel




Mankindís true moral test, its fundamental test (which lies deeply buried from view), consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. 
- Milan Kundera, "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" (1984).

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mum and puppy

Ch Kewpy's Aria of Sarcenets, "Zoe" and her puppy
Sarcenet's Aretha of Kewpy

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
(Left) Bloomfields MsRoss of Kewpy, "DeeDee" and
(Right) Kewpy's I Fall to Pieces,  "Stuffy"

Named for King Charles II, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was once a great favourite at the English court. 

He is known for the soulful expression in his large dark eyes and appears in numerous paintings from the time. 

The Cavalier is a toy Spaniel and is a descendent of the King Charles Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel. He was bred to be a companion. Today, the Cavalier retains his enormous popularity as a family pet in Great Britain. 

The Cavalier stands up to 13 inches at the shoulder and has a long, silky coat. His coat may be Blenheim (white with chestnut markings), solid red, black and tan, or tri-colour. Weekly grooming and minimal exercise make the Cavalier a fairly low maintenance dog.

A loving, devoted, and friendly dog, the Cavalier is good natured and loves children. Generally a great companion for all ages, young children must exercise some care when the Cavalier is still a puppy due to his small size. Cheerful, lively, and sociable, he gets along well with other people and other dogs. 

The Cavalier is intelligent and obedient with an eager to please nature. Training comes easily to him. Harsh methods should never be used or he may become fearful. The Cavalier does well as an indoor dog, and should live in a home with a fenced backyard. He should take his daily walks on the leash. 


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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada
Cavalier Club of BC
Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario

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Maple Leaf Breeders

Maple Leaf

CKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Karen Wills, Kewpy's Perm Reg'd
British Columbia 

British Columbia


Florence E. Blair
30729 Dewdney Trunk Road
Mission, BC  V4S 1C3
(604) 462-0075


Laverne Finch
9239 Stave Lake Street
Mission, BC  V2V 6B2
(604) 820-1902

Devon's Cavaliers

Kim Gibbs/Bernice Newbury
Box 63
Naramata, BC  V0H 1N0
(250) 496-5153

Cantebury Cavaliers

Janet Sala
3586 Trinity Street
Vancouver, BC   V5K 1G3
(604) 779-9144

Sedona Cavaliers

Karen Wills
3251 Moss Road
Duncan, BC  V9L 3W8
(250) 748-7883 

Kewpy's Perm Reg'd



Sharen Sztym
Box 8, Site 3, RR#1
Rocky Mountain House, AB  T4T 2A1
(403) 729-2625

Bohshar K-9's




Kim Hamel
Box 10, Group 355, RR#3
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 2E7
(204) 632-0067

Bloomfield Reg'd

Gloria Watkins
Box 862
Ile des Chenes, MB  R0A 0T0
(204) 388-4492

Castlewood Perm Reg'd



Lorelei Beal
8019 Highway #7
Guelph, ON  N1H 6H8
(519) 823-5839

Country Care Stables

Mila Bosche
8831 Schisler Road
Welland, ON  L3B 5N4
(905) 384-1865


Ricki Gies
Chatsworth, ON  N0H 1G0
(519) 794-4884


Debbie Flint
6 Otter Cove
Pefferlaw, ON   L0E 1N0
(705) 437-3469


Dr. Patrick and Kathy O'Drowsky
Box 2767
253 James Street N
St. Mary's, ON  N4X 1A5
(519) 284-0684

Lakeside Cavaliers

Valerie Toth & Emily Toth Tamminga
10 Clanbrassil Road, RR#3
Hagersville, ON  N0A 1H0
(905) 768-4190

Glenire Reg'd



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada
Elaine Ellis
36 Allendale Road
Brampton, ON  L6W 2Y8
(905) 451-6399

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels of B.C.



Did you know?

Courtney Cox of "Friends" has two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, named Hopper and Harley. 

Hopper is tri-color (red, white, and black), while Harley is red and white.



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