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Many who have spent a lifetime in it can tell us less of love than the child that lost a dog yesterday. 
- Thornton Wilder

Dalmatian puppies

"Del" and "Howie"

Dalmatian adults
"Corey" and "Howie"

Originally bred to trot behind carriages as guardians against highwaymen, the Dalmatian has been used as a watchdog, draft dog, shepherd, ratter, bird dog, trail hound, retriever, circus and stage performer, and of course as a firehouse mascot. 

Bred to travel great distances, he has great endurance and speed.   

Although Dalmatians are spotted dogs, in fact the only spotted dogs, they are generally born white, and  begin to develop black or liver-coloured spots within a couple of weeks. Their coats are short and smooth. However, they do not possess any undercoat and therefore are sensitive to extremely cold temperatures. The Dalmatian stands about 24 inches at the shoulder.

Dalmatians are poised, alert, strong, muscular, and active. They are friendly, outgoing dogs, and develop a very strong bond with their owners. They are not happy if left alone for long periods.

The Dalmatian's popularity jumped after the release of Disney's 101 Dalmatians. However, this dog is not for everyone. He has unique dietary requirements and abundant energy, as well as a mind of his own and a determined will. If properly socialized from an early age, the Dalmatian can be an excellent companion with children. 

Training should be firm and consistent and start early. Obedience training is very important for curbing the Dalmatian's instinctive desire to be the boss. Dalmatians are easily bored, so training sessions should be short and fun. Dalmatians were bred to walk...a lot!  Several walks a day and weekly access to a secure area where they can run off the leash is necessary.


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Dalmatian Club of Canada


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Maple Leaf Breeders

Maple Leaf

CKC Dalmatian Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Marty and Joan Ross, Big Creek Kennels

British Columbia 


Louise Baldock
9891 Stave Lake Street
Mission, BC   V2V 4J1
(604) 820-3385

Estate Reg'd



John and Bonnie Hetherington
RR#1, Site 2, Box 8
Rocky Mountain House, AB  T4T 2A1
(403) 729-2227

Echo View Reg'd

Richard Heyd
131 Rundleridge Close N.E.
Calgary, AB  T1Y 2L2
(403) 293-6574

Haidal Reg'd

Charlene Maines
Airdrie, AB    
(403) 813-1760

Dalmatian adult

Twyla Taylor
20223 Twp. 515A
Sherwood Park, AB   T8G 1G2
(780) 922-3985

Taylor Ranch Perm Reg'd




Carol McGrogan
279 Base Line Road West
London, ON   N6J 1W2
(519) 472-3644

Dalji Reg'd

Marty and Joan Ross
3719 Creek Road
Amherstburg, ON   N9V 2Y8
(519) 736-7876

Dalmatian puppies
Big Creek Kennels



Dalmatian Adoption and Rescue
(905) 458-1883



Did you know?

If you counted all the black spots in the
1961 movie 
"101 Dalmatians",
you'd reach a total of 6,469,952!




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