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Drever puppy

Ch Fairhill Tik Tak
"Tik Tak"

Drever adult
Ch Fairhill Tik Tak
"Tik Tak"

Although the Drever was officially recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1956, the breed is extremely rare in Canada. However, in Sweden, his native land, the Drever enjoys a popularity that rivals that of the Labrador Retriever in North America.   

The Drever takes his name from "drev" which means "to hunt" in Swedish and is a re-creation of the type of short-legged dog used to drive game such as fox, hare, and even deer to the hunter.  

The Drever stands up to 16 inches tall at the shoulder and has a sleek, short coat in any colour or combination of colours with white markings on face, feet, neck, chest and tail tip. Officially named in 1947, today the Drever is the most popular companion of Swedish hunters.

Bred to be a slow, steady worker, the Drever has an excellent nose, as one might expect of a scenthound. He is a tenacious tracker with the drive and stamina to continue working long after his master is ready to call it a day. This dog is headstrong but not aggressive and has the determination and courage to take on larger game such as wild boar. He will circle his prey, always avoiding a physical confrontation and warn the hunter by barking furiously.

The Drever is known for his ever-wagging tail and friendly, even temperament. An alert, calm, and affectionate animal, he can be happy both indoors and out but is happiest with lots of exercise and play. As with any breed of dog, training and socialization should begin early to ensure he develops good manners and is comfortable in any situation.


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Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Outi Divin, Kaunotar
British Columbia

British Columbia


Outi Divin
Surrey, BC   V3W 8W5






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