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Dutch Shepherd




The reason dogs have so many friends is because they wag their tails instead of their tongues. 
- Unknown

Dutch Shepherd puppy

Dutch Shepherd puppy from Mike the Dogman

Dutch Shepherd adult
Dutch Shepherd
dog from Mike the Dogman

he Dutch Shepherd is considered a rare breed as he is almost unknown outside his native Holland. This is due in part to the enormous popularity of his cousin, the German Shepherd. 

Originally a sheep herding dog, the Dutch Shepherd has been used as a farm dog, as well as a guard, police, and security dog. 

Similar in appearance to the German Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd stands up to 25 inches at the shoulder and has three different coat types: long-haired, short-haired, and the wiry or rough-haired. 

The weather-resistant coat is black with streaks of gold and grey (brindle) and may be grey, silver, red, yellow, or gold brindle. Grooming needs are minimal.


The Dutch Shepherd is devoted to his owner and territorial. He therefore makes a super watch and guard dog. He is alert, lively, and tireless. An enthusiastic worker, the Dutch Shepherd excels at agility, obedience, field training, guard work, and herding. 

As he is intelligent and eager to learn, the Dutch Shepherd should begin training early. Since he is bred to work, he needs to be active to maintain his physical and mental well being. 

He does best with a strong, confident, active owner who will take him jogging or hiking, or let him run beside a bicycle.


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Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Mike McConnery, Mike the Dogman




Garnet and Jamie Daniel
340 Brunton Side Road
Smiths Falls, ON   K7A 4S7
(613) 878-4950

Dutch Shepherds
Dutch Shepherd Acres

Emmy and Mike McConnery
Box 106
Wellandport, ON   L0R 2J0
(905) 562-3095

Baden K-9 Inc.

Mike McConnery
Mike the Dogman
(519) 265-6708

Mike the Dogman






North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue




Did you know?

In France 
dog ownership is a constitutional right 
for all citizens.


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