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Smooth Fox Terrier



Fox-terriers are born with about
  four times as much original sin in them as other dogs.
- Jerome K. Jerome, Three Men in a Boat

Smooth Fox Terrier puppy

Ch InStyle's Under a Full Moon 

Smooth Fox Terrier adult
Ch InStyle's pardon My Thunder

The Smooth Fox Terrier was developed in England. One of the oldest of the Terriers, he is the original Fox Terrier from which the Wire Fox Terrier was created. 

As his name suggests, he is a hunting dog who was bred to dig down into burrows and flush out foxes and other small animals. 

As the living representative of the dog pictured listening to "His Master's Voice", the Smooth Fox Terrier became an extremely popular pet in North America.

This dog stands up to 15 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder. He has a smooth, hard coat that is mostly white with black, tan, and/or ginger markings. The coat should be hand stripped to remove dead fur twice per year.

The Smooth Fox Terrier has the feisty personality common to terriers. He is enthusiastic, lively, and energetic. An ideal children's companion, he never refuses a chance to run, chase, or play. An entertaining family pet for the active household, the Smooth Fox Terrier is affectionate, trustworthy, and eager to please. Small pets such as cats may trigger his hunting instinct and being a terrier, he may try to dominate other dogs.

As with most terriers, he will stand his ground against other dogs, and will benefit from early training and socialization. He is intelligent and learns quickly but can be stubborn. Alert, determined, and inquisitive, the Smooth Fox Terrier needs a confident leader with a loving but firm and consistent hand. This is an active breed who needs lots of off-leash exercise and so is happiest in a home with a large fenced yard. 


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Smooth Fox Terrier Club of Canada
Patricia Schmidt,
Box 205,
Wilcox, SK S0G 5E0
(306) 732-4491




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CKC Smooth Fox Terrier Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Wanda Stacey, Rosecountry



Wanda Stacey
Box 309
Ardmore, AB   T0A 0B0
(780) 826-6090

Smooth Fox Terrier





Jaime Lewers
Box 20133
Brandon, MB   R7A 6Y8
(204) 752-2186

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Did you know?


The first documented evidence of the
Smooth Fox Terrier
came in 1790, when a man by the name of Colonel Thornton painted a portrait of his beloved dog, Pitch.




Noel McGivern and Nancy Ball
Bradford, ON  L3Z 2A4
(905) 775-7458

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