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Jack Russell Terrier


Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog.
- Charles F. Doran

Jack Russell Terrier puppy

Briaridge Hunting Trouble

Jack Russell Terrier adult
WV's Briaridge On The Road

In the 19th century, the Rev. John Russell of Devonshire, England, an avid foxhunter, developed a small dog to help him hunt fox. 

This small but brave dog excelled at hunting fox. He was also used to hunt other small animals such as raccoons. 

The Jack Russell Terrier stands between 10 and 15 inches tall at the shoulder. He may have a smooth or rough coat that is white or white with black and/or tan markings. His small size allows him to follow his prey into its den to flush it out.

As a true terrier, the Jack Russell Terrier is bold, agile, alert, and lively. Possessing a 'big dog personality in the body of a small dog', the Jack Russell is not the dog to back down, even when faced by other larger breeds. A loyal and affectionate dog, he makes a good companion with early obedience training and socialization.

Following the Reverend Russell's death, other breeds were often crossbred with some of his dogs to increase their salability as being from “Jack Russell’s Terriers”. Eventually these dogs developed into the Jack Russell Terrier we know today.

It should be emphasized that the Jack Russell Terrier is used to working. On the hunt, he is able to keep up with the horses, and therefore has a high energy level. He requires daily outdoor exercise. He is very intelligent and will invent his own entertainment if bored.



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Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada

The Vancouver Island Jack Russell Terrier Club




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Teri Hyde, Briaridge Reg'd
British Columbia 

British Columbia


Lois Clough
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Teri J Hyde
13101 Cameron Road
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Exmoor Jack Russell Terriers


Briaridge Jack Russell Terriers - Rescue and Adoption

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario


Did you know?

On the sitcom
"Frasier", the character
'Eddie' was a
Jack Russell Terrier
whose real name was






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