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Kerry Blue Terrier



Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.
- Colette

The Kerry Blue Terrier is named for County Kerry in Ireland where the unusual blue-coated dogs originated. The distinctively-coloured Kerry Blue Terrier is believed to have Irish Wolfhound and Irish Terrier blood in his veins. He was used by Irish shepherds and farmers as a working and herding dog to hunt and kill rats and other barnyard vermin. He was also used as a guard dog, herding dog, retriever of game, and companion.

The Kerry Blue Terrier male may stand up to 19 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder and has a soft, dense, wavy coat. Puppies are born black but their coats change to any shade of grey-blue with or without darker points by the age of 18 months. Many Kerries retain their black colouring into adulthood. These dogs are not eligible to compete in the conformation show ring, but they make fine pets. This dog is a good choice for the allergy-sufferer as his coat is non-shedding. The coat does require grooming.

The Kerry Blue is gentle, lovable, friendly, and intelligent. He is patient and protective of children and makes a great companion and guard dog. He is a devoted family member and will not be happy living outdoors. In fact, the Kerry will bond very closely with at least one family member. Becoming a true shadow, he will rarely leave that person's side, following him/her from room to room! 

Like all terriers, he will stand his ground against other dogs, and should probably live in a single dog household. This is not a submissive dog so his owner needs to take charge. The Kerry Blue will benefit from early training and socialization. If socialized early, he can tolerate cats. However be aware that the Kerry's natural instinct is to consider all small animals as potential prey.

Active as well as self-confident and stubborn, the Kerry Blue should have early obedience training. He learns quickly but is an independent thinker and needs a firm but patient hand. Training may prove challenging! He requires regular exercise consisting of long walks and should have a fenced yard to run in.



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Did you know?


Alfred Hitchcock loved
Kerry Blue Terriers
so much he named
an episode of his
show after them 
and starred his
own dogs.


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