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Lagotto Romagnolo




A dog is better than I am, for he has love and does not judge.
- Xanthias

Lagotto Romagnolo puppy

Mio Amore Lagotto Romagnolo puppy

Lagotto Romagnolo adult
Lagottino's Evita

An ancient breed of water retrieving dogs, the Lagotto Romagnolo is believed to be the founding breed from which all the water dogs descend. 

He has been known since the 1500s in Italy, but is rarely seen in North America. 

Also called the Italian Gun Dog, the Lagotto has had his hunting instincts redirected. He now uses his impressive scenting ability to seek out white truffles, and is the only dog known to perform this function.


The Lagotto stands around 18 inches tall at the shoulder. His coat is thick, woolly, and curly. As might be expected of a water dog, his coat is also waterproof. It can be off-white, orange, or shades of brown, or it may be white with brown or orange markings.  

The Lagotto Romagnolo is affectionate, attentive, and very attached to his owner. He is intelligent, obedient and makes an excellent companion. The Lagotto is easy to train. He is also a very good watchdog. 

As an active working dog, the Lagotto needs regular exercise. He has proven himself a keen, eager, and efficient worker when on the hunt. With his incredible nose and natural instinct to search, the Lagotto must have a home with a fenced yard.


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CKC Lagotto Ramagnolo
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Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Chris Elrod, Mio Amore
British Columbia


British Columbia 


Beatrice Duckett
400 Lowry's Road
Parksville, BC   V9P 2B5
(250) 586-5133 

Lagotto Romagnolo
Lagotto Romagnolo of Canada

Chris Elrod
3260 Doupe Road
Duncan, BC   V9I 6P1
(250) 746-4235

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Janice Starr
182 Pearson Road
Welland, ON  L3B 5M4
(905) 788-1605

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Did you know?

The Lagotto Romagnolo's
name means
"water dog from Romagna"
which is a region
of Italy.




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