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Alaskan Malamute




Their tails are high and tongues awag—
the twin banners of sled dog contentment.
- Clara Germani

Alaskan Malamute puppies

Silverdream puppies

Alaskan Malamute adults
(Left to Right)
Am/Can Ch Silverdream's She's Got The Look, "Ishtar"
Am/Can Ch Silverdream's Black Velvet Timmy, "Timmy Joe Jr"

The oldest of the Arctic dogs, the Alaskan Malamute was developed by the nomadic Mahlemut tribe of northwestern Alaska. 

The Mahlemuts used their powerful dogs to pull sleds, pack supplies, and even to hunt seals and track polar bears. These strong, heavy haulers were used to pull sleds during the polar expeditions and during the settlement of Alaska. 

Today these dogs are still happiest when pulling a sled or a cart. 

Another member of the Spitz family of dogs, the Malamute is large and powerful. He stands 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs approximately 85 pounds.  He has a thick, coarse, double coat that ranges in colour from light grey to black with white markings. A dog that was born for winter, the Malamute prefers colder climates although he will adapt to warmer environments.

Despite his intimidating size and appearance, the Malamute is not a guard dog. He is friendly, affectionate, active, exuberant, and good with children. As with any of the larger breeds, the Malamute should be supervised when playing with young children due to his size. A family-oriented dog, the Malamute loves being with his people. However, he should be in a single pet household. This breed does not tolerate other small pets well and can be highly aggressive towards other dogs.

The Alaskan Malamute is a self-confident, strong-willed dog who learns quickly but is easily bored. His owner may need to exercise extra patience during training. Obedience training should begin early. These are active, energetic working dogs who require a lot of attention and outdoor exercise. They live best in a cool, country environment where there is lots of space.


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Alaskan Malamute Club of Canada



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CKC Alaskan Malamute Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Paule Blanchet and Denis Lachance, Silverdream




Len and Gayle Stakenas
Box 2, Site 13, RR#7
Calgary, AB   T2P 2G7
(403) 248-7489

Sanekats Reg'd





Paule Blanchet and Denis Lachance
609 Chemin Belair
Val-Belair, QC  G3K 1Y2
(418) 842-3582



Karyn Colman and Jari Nirhamo
1, rue Riley
Hudson, QC  J0P 1H0
(450) 458-4709


Ghislaine Laferrière
2522 10 eme Rang
Quebec  J0E 1M0
(450) 295-2682

Aïkirocka enr



Alaskan Malamute HELP League




Did you know?

the hairy Wookiee
 in the Star Wars movies, 
was inspired by 
George Lucas' dog 
an Alaskan Malamute.



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