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Miniature Australian Shepherd



In the United States, NAMASCUSA (the parent club for the Miniature Australian Shepherd) has voted to change this breed's name to the Miniature American Shepherd.

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Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies

 "Stella" and "Bella" at 8 weeks old

Miniature Australian Shepherd adult
EFK Prince of Fire Joey

The ideal Miniature Australian Shepherd is the mirror image of the Australian Shepherd in a smaller package. 

These dogs were developed in the late 1960s by breeding small Australian Shepherds. 

Originally developed to herd and guard their flocks, their smaller size make them perfectly suited to our growing urbanization, as well as making them fine travelling companions. 

Miniature Australian Shepherds have also been used in search and rescue work.

The Miniature Australian Shepherd's preferred height is 14 to18 inches at the shoulder. They have a medium-length coat that comes in blue merle, red merle, black, and red all with or without copper/tan and/or white trim. Their eyes may be blue, brown, amber or marbled.

Similar in respect to their forebears, individual dogs may vary in degrees of their activity level, and herding instinct.  In general, they are very athletic with a very keen, intelligent mind.  They are sensitive, easily trained, and extremely devoted to their owners. These Shepherds are good with children and other pets. They will go to great lengths to please. However, they can be reserved with strangers and make good watch and guard dogs. 

These Shepherds have all the attributes of the Australian Shepherd with the added advantages of smaller size. As working dogs, they are happiest if they have something to do. They are seen in the conformation and obedience rings. These dogs are active in agility, flyball, and various kinds of therapy work, as well as working small stock. Early training and socialization is important. As with other herding dogs, exercise is critical to maintaining their health and mental well-being.


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Canadian Miniature Australian Shepherd Association

North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA  

The Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America





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Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Shelley English, English Farm Kennels




Shelley English
(EFK Miniature Australian Shepherds)
Norwood, ON   K0L 2V0
(705) 639-8964

English Farm Kennels

Susan Marshall
Muskoka, ON

Muskoka Mini Aussies

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Manon Lessard
179-A rang St-Josť
St-Patrice, QC   G0S 1B0
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Aux Vents de l'Ouest

New Brunswick 


Karen Firlotte
2 Happy Valley Road
St. Stephen, NB   E3L 2Z1
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Did you know?

Miniature Australian Shepherds show great variety in their eye colour. Dogs may have two green eyes, one green eye and one blue eye, a blue eye and a brown eye, two brown eyes, or two icy blue eyes. They may even have a green eye and a brown eye.



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