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Norwegian Elkhound



Inside every Newfoundland, Boxer, Elkhound and Great Dane is a puppy longing to climb on to your lap.
- Hellen Thomson (b.1943)

Norwegian Elkhound adult and puppy

"Pepper" 8 week old puppy
"Tiki" 8 year old male

Norwegian Elkhound adult

The Elkhound is a member of the Spitz or Nordic group of dogs. 

He was known as the "Elghund" or "moose dog" but his name was translated incorrectly when it was anglicized.  

The national dog of Norway, he is still used to hunt Elg (Moose) because he is capable of tracking his quarry for hours over unfriendly terrain and in bad weather. Known for his endurance and stamina, the Elkhound has also been used as a draft dog and in search and rescue work. 

He is a natural breed, whose roots go back thousands of years. The Elkhound today is the same dog who travelled with the Vikings. 

The Norwegian Elkhound is deep-chested, compact and square in profile. Males stand 20.5 inches tall at the shoulder. Females are 19.5 inches tall. The Elkhound has a thick, dense, weather-resistant double coat with a silver white undercoat. The topcoat or guard hair is "banded". Each hair is black at the base, silver in the middle, and black at the tip. This topcoat provides the distinctive Elkhound "harness mark" and "saddle". Puppies are born black but markings begin to appear within two weeks. Like other Spitz dogs, the Elkhound carries his tail curled up over his back. Shedding occurs once or twice a year; and an Elkhound has little or no doggie odour. He needs only a weekly brushing to keep his coat in shape.

The Elkhound has a bold and energetic personality; he is confident and outgoing. he is neither shy and submissive nor domineering and aggressive. The alert and friendly Norwegian Elkhound is an excellent family pet and therapy dog who is loyal and devoted to people. His dependability and trustworthiness make him an excellent protective watchdog. The Elkhound is a very intelligent breed of dog and uses his intelligence to make decisions. Both the males and females are easy to train as they learn very quickly however they are obedient not robotic. Required routine training is very easy with positive motivation and sensitive teaching very easily house broken. The Elkhound respects firm, fair leadership.

Although the Elkhound loves the outdoors and rigorous exercise he is equally adaptable to indoor living. This flexibility makes the Elkhound an excellent choice since the majority of dog owners live in urban areas. As with most other breeds a fenced yard is desirable.  


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CKC Norwegian Elkhound Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Allen and Nina Tait, Overscaig Perm Reg'd



Wayne Schmoland
Box 5257
Edson, AB   T7E 1T5
(780) 723-3128

Allen and Nina Tait 
Red Deer, AB  T4N 5E4
(403) 886-2649
Overscaig Perm Reg'd
(Western Connection)

Norwegian Elkhound Rescue




Anne Boychuk
644 15th Street
Brandon, MB     R7A 4W5
(204) 725-5852

Ruterfem Norwegian Elkhound


Did you know?


The Norwegian Elkhound's
job when hunting is to hold the moose at bay
by jumping in and out toward the moose
until the hunter arrives.



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