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"May I always be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"




The pug is living proof that God has a sense of humor.
- Margot Kaufman, American writer

Pug puppy

Gotta Go Harley Jake

Pug adult
Gotta Go Harley Jake

The Pug is believed to have originated in China in approximately 400 BC, possibly as a smooth-coated, taller version of the Pekingese. 

A great favourite in many royal courts, he was introduced to Britain by William of Orange and is now used primarily as a companion, watch dog, and therapy dog. 

The word 'pug' comes either from the Latin 'pugnus' meaning 'fist' or from Old English 'pugg', an affectionate term.

Standing up to 11 inches at the shoulder, the Pug has a short, smooth coat that comes in solid black, silver fawn, or apricot fawn with a black face mask and ears. Although grooming is minimal, he does shed a lot.

The Pug is loyal, affectionate, loving, and generally docile. He is very people-oriented and is very fond of playing with children. He too has a long childhood and will behave like a puppy for close to two years. His owner needs patience but will be rewarded by the lovable and amusing little clown! The Pug gets along well with other dogs.

This dog cannot live outside in hot, humid weather. Because of his flat face, prolonged exposure to this type of weather can cause death.

Pugs are intelligent, but can be strong-willed, independent thinkers. He needs patient handling but no harsh punishment is necessary as he is sensitive to tone of voice. The Pug requires more than the average exercise for a Toy breed.



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Pug Club of Canada 

Pug Dog Club of BC

Calgary Pugsters Meetup and Education Society

Manitoba Pug Rescue Inc



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Maple Leaf Breeders

Maple Leaf

CKC Pug Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Tammy Barnes, Barnes Pugs

British Columbia


Leanne Barber
27027 27th Avenue
Aldergrove, BC   V4W 3E7
(604) 856-0720

**Stud service available**

Branlee Kennels



Tammy Barnes
Box 1275
Claresholm, AB  T0L 0T0
(403) 687-2371

Barnes Pugs

Linda C. Spahr
Box 691
Tofield, AB  T0B 4J0
(780) 662-0178
Fax:  (780) 662-0173 

Perlin/Rutanda Reg'd



L. Martin
Located between Hamilton and 
London, ON  

Lomar Kennels

Joan Munro
RR#7 (Near London, ON)
Watford, ON  N0M 2S0
(519) 849-5736


Marigo Schwerdtfeger
Haley Station, ON  K0J 1Y0
(613) 432-3171

PugPaws Reg'd

Jennifer Young
Rockland, ON  K4K 1S3
(613) 299-1947

Gryphon Reg'd


Pugalug Club Pug Rescue

Pug Club of Canada Rescue Program
Simone Norman
(905) 778-0295

Pug Dog Club of BC Rescue Program
Sandra Todosychuk
(604) 584-8180

Pug Hugs and Boxer Slurps Rescue
Meredith Bateman
(506) 734-3248

Manitoba Pug Rescue

Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Manitoba

Under My Wing
Ottawa, ON


Did you know?

The Pug
 was honoured officially
at Holland's Royal 
House of Orange 
after one of the noble dogs saved the life of the
Crown Prince.


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