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Shetland Sheepdog




Dogs, bless them, operate on the premise that human beings are fragile and require incessant applications of affection and reassurance. 
The random lick of a hand and the furry chin draped over the instep are calculated to let the shaky owner know that a friend is nearby.
- Mary McGrory

Shetland Sheepdog puppy

BISS/BPISS Can/Am Ch Madselin Shangri La

Shetland Sheepdog adult
BISS/BPISS Can/Am Ch Madselin Shangri La

The Shetland Sheepdog or "Sheltie" is a native of the Shetland Islands off the north coast of Scotland. 

Before reaching the British mainland in the early 1900s, the Sheltie had been working on the Islands for over 135 years. 

It is believed that the Sheltie's ancestors came from Iceland to the Shetland Islands with the whaling ships. 

The Sheltie was once called the "Toonie" from the Norwegian word for a farmhouse's front yard. His job was to guard and herd sheep and keep an eye on any young children who might be playing in the yard.  

The Shetland Sheepdog resembles the Rough Collie but is a separate and distinct breed. He stands up to 16 inches at the shoulder and has a long, straight, and dense double coat in black, blue merle, or sable with white and/or tan markings. He is subject to seasonal shedding, and needs regular brushing and grooming to keep the fur tangle-free.

Affectionate, loyal, and charming, the Sheltie has become a popular family pet. He gets along very well with children if there is no excessive rough housing. 

The Sheltie easily tolerates other dogs, cats, and household pets. However, Shelties do have a tendency to bark when excited, startled, or lonely. This is a family dog that should not be left alone for long periods. The Sheltie is light on his feet and can run quickly and jump well.

The Sheltie's size makes him a pet that will fit into most accommodation. However, as an active, energetic dog, he should have regular daily walks. He is intelligent, intuitive, and has an eager to please personality. He does well in obedience and agility as he is easily trained. 


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Clubs and Organizations

Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association

Canadian Collie and Shetland Sheepdog Association
Shetland Sheepdog Club of BC
 Alberta Shetland Sheepdog and Collie Association

Edmonton Shetland Sheepdog Fanciers Club

Saskatoon Area Shetland Sheepdog Association

Winnipeg Area Shetland Sheepdog Association

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CKC Shetland Sheepdog Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Susan Carbert, Madselin Perm Reg'd
British Columbia

British Columbia


Marilyn Bernard
4566 Alwyn Road
Port Alberni, BC  V9Y 5V1
(250) 723-6635


Susan Carbert
5409 Hwy 97N
Falkland, BC  V0E 1W0
(250) 379-2545

Shetland Sheepdog
Madselin Perm Reg'd

Joanne Howe
2934 Palsson Place
Victoria, BC  V9B 5S8
(250) 474-2412


Judy Tulloch
6930B - Wallace Drive
Brentwood Bay, BC  V8M 1G3
(250) 652-5317




Angie Taylor
Box 1184 
Lamont AB    T0B 2R0
(780) 363-2466




Sherrie and Cam Sparling
Box 357
Ile-des-Chenes, MB   R0A 0T0
(204) 878-2957

Skyehaven Perm Reg'd



Cindy Bays
Box 49
Buckhorn, ON   K0L 1J0
(705) 657-1466


Monique Boucher
1056 Lochwinnoch Road
Renfrew, ON  K7C 3Z4
(613) 602-1833

Tervfect Reg'd

Robin Clemas
2263 Bruce County Road 3, RR31
Cargill, ON   N0G 1J0
(519) 366-1016

Hoodwink Perm Reg'd

Dorothy Greenaway
33668 Black's Point Road, RR#2
Goderich, ON N7A 3X8
(519) 524-6811

Greendor Shelties

Carol Watt
11 Madison Avenue
Toronto, ON   M5R 2S2
(416) 921-5066



Canadian Rescue Shetland Sheepdog Association
Michelle Rogowski
(204) 832-5484

Southern Ontario Sheltie Rescue Society




Did you know?

At the end of the 
Beatles' song 
"A Day in the Life", 
an ultrasonic whistle, 
audible only to dogs, 
was recorded by 
Paul McCartney for his Shetland Sheepdog.





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