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"May I always be the kind of person my dog thinks I am"


Shiba Inu




There is honour in being a dog.
- Aristotle

Shiba Inu puppy


Shiba Inu adult

Another member of the Spitz family, the Shiba Inu is the oldest native Japanese dog. His history reportedly goes back to the third century B.C.

 "Inu" is the Japanese word for dog but the meaning of "Shiba" is somewhat difficult to say with certainty. Some sources say that Shiba is the word for the red bushes that grow in the area where Shiba Inus come from; others say it means "little".

The Shiba Inu is used to hunt small game although in the past he was bred for hunting large game. Today, his fox-like cunning, and alert, watchful attitude make him an effective guardian of home and family.

The Shiba Inu stands just 16 inches tall at the shoulder. He has a short, straight, waterproof coat that comes in red, sesame, red sesame, black sesame, black and tan, and sometimes cream. All colours except cream have "urajiro" which is a cream coloured marking around the face, chest, and underside of the body. With his all-weather coat, the Shiba can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Like all members of the Spitz family, the Shiba carries his tail curled up over his back. One unusual characteristic of this dog is that he sometimes meows like a cat to communicate with his owners. In fact the Shiba is said to be very cat-like.

The Shiba Inu has a confident, friendly, extroverted nature that has made him the most popular pet in Japan. Only recently seen outside his native country, the Shiba's popularity is on the rise. Loyal and strongly intuitive, he is a family dog who needs human companionship. This is not a dog to be left alone for long periods. Although Shibas are fine with children, a young Shiba may shy away from frightening situations to which he has not been exposed and so may avoid strange noisy kids. Children must be taught to respect the dog's boundaries. No animal likes to be pursued or harassed and Shibas do not like to be restrained. As with any dog, training and socialization is the key.

He may look more like a toy stuffed animal, but beware! Small he may be, but the Shiba Inu has a large dog personality in a small dog body! He is fiery, independent, strong-willed, stubborn, and territorial. As an owner, you must be in control. Training may be a challenge and should begin when he is a puppy. However, the Shiba is highly sensitive to physical discomfort, and overly firm or negative training methods will damage any chance of cooperation. And a Shiba never forgets! Be patient - consistent encouragement, praise and reward-based training are the most successful. Early socialization will help curb same sex dog aggression.  With a high activity level, the energetic and agile Shiba Inu needs lots of exercise and should have a large, fenced yard. 


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Laura McKenna Lange, Koyote Kennels 


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Karen Hildebrandt
10715 Reeves Rd, RR#2 
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Dukhan Kennels

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Hillsdale Kennel Reg'd

Dianne Brydges
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Shiba Inu puppy

Doreen M. Fitchett
Box 8, Site 1
Hanna, AB  T0J 1P0
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Shiba Inu
Smiling Bear

Tina Gaudet
146 Tuscany Ridge Close NW
Calgary, AB   T3L 2K6
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Sheryl Langan
Box 450
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Laura McKenna Lange
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Koyote Kennels

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Carvel, AB   T0E 0H0
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Cintara Kennels Reg'd

Jennifer Reid
Picture Butte, AB  
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Shiba Inu Canada Rescue

Shiba Rescue GTA 
Jackie Clayton
(519) 831-8998


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