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English Springer Spaniel




Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends.
- Alexander Pope

English Springer Spaniel puppy


English Springer Spaniel adult
Springdream's Simply in Love

The English Springer Spaniel is one of the oldest of the spaniels who take their name from Spain where they originated. 

Spaniels are divided into two groups, land spaniels and water spaniels. 

English Springer Spaniels are land spaniels and are named for their expertise at flushing out or springing at game to make it run or fly away. 

Developed in England, they were once called Norfolk Spaniels.

The English Springer stands 20 inches at the shoulder and has a fairly long, flat or wavy, weather-resistant coat. His shiny coat may be liver or black and white, tri-colour or blue or liver roan. There is feathering on the legs, ears, chest, and underbody. Shedding is a definite factor to consider with this dog.

Like most sporting dogs, the English Springer Spaniel is best suited to an active home where he will be a cherished member of the family. Friendly, loyal, energetic, and devoted to his people, the English Springer is a super companion and tolerates other pets well. He is not a dog who should be left alone for long periods. He is much too fond of people to make an effective guard dog.  

An intelligent, willing and fast learner, the English Springer Spaniel  can nevertheless be a little headstrong. Obedience training and socialization should begin early. 

The English Springer has a high energy level and requires lots of exercise, and room to run off-leash. He should live in a home with a fenced backyard with an active owner who can keep up with him!


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English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada

Canadian National Spaniel Field Trial Association
Wild Rose English Springer Spaniel Club of Alberta



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CKC English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Nathalie Piché, Springdream





Bonnie Bristow
8667 10th Line Essa Twp.
Barrie, ON  L4M 4S4
(705) 733-5768

Ruskate Reg'd




Nathalie Piché
Val-David, QC   J0T 2N0
(819) 322-7305


New Brunswick 


Heritage Farm Kennel Inc.
17 Paget Road
Rockland, NB  E7P 1R9
(506) 375-6049

Boone's Kennel Perm Reg'd



English Springer Rescue Association of Canada


Did you know?

 At the 2007
Westminster Kennel Club dog show, "Felicity's Diamond Jim", (James), an English Springer Spaniel won Best in Show.

James is the 6th 
of this breed to win
Best in Show at 

Nova Scotia 


Lloyd and Rhoda MacFadgen/Reta Sarvaria
71 Connaught Avenue
Box 472
Glace Bay, NS  B1A 6C9
(902) 849-3645

MacFadgen's Perm Reg'd


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