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West Highland White Terrier



Every dog should have a man of his own. There is nothing like a well-behaved person around the house to spread the blanket for him, or bring him his supper when he comes home man-tired at night.
- Corey Ford

West Highland White Terrier puppy

Mountainhigh’s Radar Love

West Highland White Terrier adult
Ch Charosmack Captain Cook

A close relative of the Cairn Terrier, the West Highland White Terrier or "Westie" is part of the family of dogs who were once called the Scotland terriers. 

Some breeders preferred the all white members of this family as they were easiest to see when going to ground hunting fox and badger. Thus throughout the various regions of Scotland there were white terriers each with a different name that referred to the area where the dog was bred. 

The developer of the modern Westie, Colonel E.S. Malcolm of Poltalloch, first showed the Westie at a dog show under the name "Poltalloch Terrier" .However, in the early 1900s, these dogs became known collectively as the West Highland White Terrier. 

The Westie stands up to 11 inches tall at the shoulder. He has a straight, wiry, double coat that is solid white in colour. With his black button nose and bright dark eyes, the Westie is an engaging little dog.

The Westie, though small, is a tough little character with the spunky personality and outgoing nature common to terriers. He is affectionate, playful, fun loving, and active. The Westie loves the company of people, and is a wonderful playmate for children as he can tolerate rough housing. Alert, bold, and loyal, he also makes an excellent watchdog.

As with most terriers, the Westie will stand his ground against other dogs, and will benefit from early training and socialization. Intelligent and assertive, early training will also help curb his instinct to chase other household pets, particularly cats. His small size makes him a good choice for almost any accommodation in both the city and the country. He enjoys walks and play time and has a high activity level. The Westie's exercise needs can be met with a daily walk. Make sure your yard is fenced and escape-proof because this dog's a digger!



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 Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club







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Maple Leaf Breeders

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CKC West Highland White Terrier Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Laura Cameron, Highland Westies

British Columbia


Kelly Greir
2010 Wilmot Road
Cowichan Bay, BC   V0R 1K5
(778) 422-2406




Laura Cameron
Calgary, AB
(403) 919-8750

Highland Westies




Crystal Siemens
Box 566
Asquith, SK   S0K 0J0

CryCa Kennels


New Brunswick


Pat Logan-Hale
311 Highplain Crescent
Miramichi, NB  E1V 1B3
(506) 622-7663

Haelogan Lane







Westie Rescue of Canada (WRC)

Report a Westie Needing Help:

Westies in Need 
Corrie Yeoman,
#1392, 8th Line, RR#4, 
Tottenham, ON   L0G 1W0 
(905) 936-6691 
Kim Mclean
3 Carman Court, 
Iroquois, ON   K0E 1K0 
(613) 652-4974


Did you know?

The Westie is notable
as the mascot
for "Black & White" 
(a brand of Scotch whisky) and appears on the label with a Scottish Terrier.

More recently, a Westie
has appeared on TV commercials as the face
of Cesar brand dog food.


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