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Dogs are miracles with paws.
- SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy), 1991

Whippet puppy
Cdn GCh Freckashpeng She's My Keeper CGN

Whippet adult
Cdn GCh Freckashpeng She's My Keeper CGN

The Whippet belongs to the Greyhound family, and is descended from dogs brought to Britain with the Romans. 

As one of the sight hounds, the Whippet tracks his prey by sight and was originally used  for hunting rabbit.

Later, he became known as the "poor man's racehorse". The Whippet is one of the fastest dogs in the world and now participates in racing and lure coursing events. 

This slim and elegant dog is the picture of fitness, speed, and power. He stands up to 22 inches high at the shoulder. He has a short-haired coat that comes in any colour or combination of colours. Grooming requirements are minimal. With his short coat, the Whippet may be susceptible to sunburn and cold temperatures.

The Whippet  is gentle, affectionate and adaptable, and makes a wonderful companion or a great jogging partner. Although he is one of the friendliest of the sight hounds, he can be initially nervous or reserved around strangers and makes a splendid watch dog. Whippets are not the breed for everyone as they do not enjoy being left alone.

Whippets need plenty of outdoor exercise including a good run as well as long, brisk walks. As a sight hound and a racer, this dog will instinctively take off after anything that catches his eye. Therefore, a fenced exercise area is a must.


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Clubs and Organizations
National Whippet Club of Canada

Whippet Club of British Columbia

British Columbia Whippet Racing Club

Lower Mainland Whippet Association

Racing for Fun

Canadian Sighthound Field Association
Canadian Amateur Racing Association (C.A.R.A.)
Alberta Lure Coursing Association
Ontario Lure Coursing Association
Gazehound Ontario

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Maple Leaf Breeders

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CKC Whippet Breed Standard

Photos displayed above courtesy of:
Steve Pedro and Paul Allard, The Hounds of Freckashpeng Reg'd

British Columbia


Kathy Whitby
2918 Lamont Road
Saanichton, BC  V8M 1W5 
(250) 652-5143   

New litter coming soon!

Westknock Whippets



Sandra French
Box 14
Bittern Lake, AB   T0C 0L0
(780) 672-9931


Lenna and Robert Maxwell
Box 1125
Stettler, AB   T0C 2L0
(403) 742-5506

Maxnme Perm Reg'd



Heather and Everett Dansereau
RR#2, 1733 Centre Road
Hamilton, ON  L8N 2Z7
(905) 659-1188

Devonair Perm Reg'd

Lucy and Dave Hudson
4360 Edgerton Road
Blackstock, ON  L0B  1B0
(905) 986-0049

Ludah Reg'd

Steve Pedro and Paul Allard
2678 County Road 31
Winchester, ON  K0C 2K0
(613) 774-5767

The Hounds of Freckashpeng Reg'd


National Whippet Club of Canada
Paulette Blinch
(250) 964-1429





Did you know?


Small greyhound-like hounds appear in art dating back to Roman times but the first written English use of the word "whippet" with regard to a type of dog
was in 1610.


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