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Thank you for visiting our site! 

We are committed to becoming the most comprehensive registry of 
purebred dog breeders in Canada.

Just like everyone else, dog breeders are increasingly facing the challenges of new technologies. Home shopping is a growing trend, and this trend also applies to people who are looking for pets for their families. Increasingly, prospective dog owners are doing their initial research online, and you can tap into that huge market of potential dog owners easily and inexpensively.

Whether you are looking for worldwide exposure, a national presence, or even just provincial coverage, has the answer! 

A subscription to provides all these services and benefits for a ONE TIME set-up fee of only $75.00, and it's 100% tax deductible! If you wish an additional listing as a groomer, trainer, handler, or boarding kennel, it's only $25.00.  Once this fee is paid, you're listed for life!

As an additional feature, we are pleased to be able to offer you the option of purchasing a photo ad! You can have a picture of your dog posted next to your listing for only $25.00 per year.

Now you will be able to connect not only with breeders and other dog professionals, but also with the people who will be looking for your services for their new puppy or dog. 


By registering with, 
I confirm that I am a reputable breeder of purebred dogs and not a puppy mill. I further confirm that I do not sell puppies or dogs to brokers or pet stores and I do not sell cross or mixed breed dogs. Any breeder found to be a puppy mill, selling dogs to brokers or pet stores, or selling mixed or cross bred dogs will be immediately removed.


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