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Dutch Shepherd

Purina has inducted a heroic Dutch Shepherd
into its Animal Hall of Fame.
Here is his story:



Hamilton, Ontario      A five year old Dutch Shepherd, Ace was adopted and trained by his master, Ray Lau, in Search and Rescue. In Ace's first real search, he proved his worth. In late December 2008, a severe snowstorm lasting several days hit Ancaster, Ontario. Residents were told to stay at home, wait for the storm to pass, and avoid driving. During the height of the storm, a 55-year old woman was reported missing by her family. Police found her half buried, abandoned vehicle in a field on the side of a rural road one day after she was reported missing, but her whereabouts remained unknown.

After a day-and-a-half with no leads, Hamilton Police Services SAR unit welcomed more SAR volunteers, including Ray Lau and Ace. Ray and Ace were three hours into their search when Ace suddenly bolted away, indicating that he had detected a human scent, as he had been taught to do during his intensive training. Ace zoned in on the source of the human scent, in the middle of a snow covered field. Ace ran through the deep snow at full speed for roughly 75 meters. Then, he stopped suddenly, lowered his head, and started barking repeatedly into the snow. Ray ran up to Ace's side. Looking down, he saw a face peeking out from the snow. After three days, the missing woman had been found, alive.


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