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The Winners

Miniature Schnauzer

Purina has inducted a heroic Miniature Schnauzer
into its Animal Hall of Fame.
Here is his story:



North York, Ontario      A previous Best of Winners show dog, Mochashon's Corey Troy saved the life of 80-year-old Jack Turner in May 2007. Corey was out on his daily walk with owner Jay Sobel, following his usual route from which he didn't like to deviate. On this particular morning, Jay was surprised when Corey suddenly started pulling him down a different and unfamiliar direction. After only a few moments, Jay heard the faint sound of someone yelling for help.

Following the noise to a backyard fence, Jay looked over and say an elderly man stuck in the deep end of a swimming pool. Home alone, Jack Turner had gone outside by the pool, suffered a heart attack, and fallen in fully clothed. Jack was not a strong swimmer and suffered from chronic emphysema. He could not swim to safety and had been trying to pull himself out of the pool but did not have the strength. Jack's hands were completely raw. The skin had been torn off by his efforts to pull himself from the pool. He had been in the freezing water for 20 minutes when Corey heard his cries for help.

Jay called 911 and Jack was taken to hospital where he received treatment for the heart attack, hypothermia and for his hands. Corey often walks down past the Turners' home now, stopping for a pat if they are outside in their yard.


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